Sport Bauer Skiverleih Saalbach

Sport Bauer Ski History Saalbach

Saalbach 1900 Master carpenter Josef Bauer

sport-bauer-skiverleih-saalbach1.jpgsport-bauer-skiverleih-saalbach2.jpgsport-bauer-skiverleih-1946.jpgThese terms have been inextricably linked since the beginning of the last century. As early as 1900, master carpenter Josef Bauer made skis for the youth of Saalbach and the few tourists.


He himself, an avid climber and skier, accompanied the interested in the first ski tours and thereby contributed to the spread of this hitherto unusual sport.



1946 the first skirental in Saalbach


After the war, Peter & Elisabeth Bauer founded the first ski rental and a ski workshop in Saalbach.


With tireless diligence and dedication, as well as a great willingness to take risks, they laid the foundation for the successful company history of today's Intersport Bauer.

From childhood on, the daughter Maria was involved in the parental business, in 1970 she took over the company with many new ideas and a strong creative urge. Motivated by the example of her parents, she put all her energy and her full personal commitment into the positive development of the business. At the beginning of the 1970s, he joined Intersport Austria.




Saalbach 1985 Peter Fiausch

From the year 1985, the grandson Peter Fiausch stepped into the "footsteps" of his family, with him new drive and momentum came into the company.

His innovations earned him a lot of recognition from our customers.

In the 90s Peter set on expansion and founded two branch companies in Saalbach.
The management was handed over to him in 1998 by his mother.



Sport Bauer Skigeschichte Saalbach 2006


Despite numerous renovations and extensions, the time had come for the aging headquarters in the spring of 2006.

In record time, a state-of-the-art sports and fashion shop was built on the same site, which tries to fulfill all the wishes of our numerous, loyal customers, to whom we express our heartfelt thanks this way.

A big praise and thanks goes to all our employees who have accompanied us along this path and hopefully will support us for a long time in our team.